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Theft/Vandalism Damage

Assistance with Theft and Vandalism Damage Claims 

Despite property owners’ best efforts to deter vandalism of their homes and businesses, occasionally such damage will indeed occur. Costs can mount up rather quickly once you start to add up the labor costs of removal and repair as well as the raw cost of any replacement materials. In the case of business owners, depending on the degree to which your building has been defaced, there is potential for a business interruption claim as well. If you are going back and forth with your insurance company about a theft or vandalism damage claim and you have had enough, then Global Public Adjusters Inc can step in and take it from here! Let our expert team go to bat for you and get you the settlement you deserve – and fast!

How can a public adjuster from GPA help me?

A public adjuster at GPA will know exactly what to look for in these situations and will work with you to seek appropriate compensation for your direct costs as well as any related loss of business. As a lone business or homeowner against the combined might of an insurance company with its adjusters and lawyers on staff, it can be somewhat intimidating to seek the full benefits allotted through your policy. The lost time spent fighting for your claim might seem highly undesirable; that fact alone often deters people from questioning the estimate of the insurance company’s adjuster. However, our public adjusters have years of experience in these matters and will be there to step in and work tirelessly on your behalf to get you compensated and to get your building cleaned and repaired quickly.

Why are theft and vandalism claims so complicated?

One reason it can be so complicated to file a theft & vandalism claim is that so many policyholders file claims for thefts that never happened. As a result, you can expect your insurance company to make you jump through numerous hoops after filing a claim before you ever see a penny. You’ll have to prove that you owned the items that you claim were stolen, for instance. You’ll need to give proof of their value. You’ll also have to provide proof of any property damage, broken windows, doors, or locks, for instance, that may have occurred during the incident.

Why hire Global Public Adjusters Inc?

To prove that you truly owned the items you claim were stolen or vandalized, you’ll need to provide a good amount of documentation. That often means credit card statements and receipts, but it could also be videos or pictures, or even appraisals or insurance policy endorsements. The bottom line is that the more documentation you can provide, the better.

Insurance companies are generally not in the business of making it easy for you to prove your claim, which is another reason you’ll want to have a public adjuster on your side. Your adjuster will know exactly what the insurance companies will want to see, and they’ll know exactly how the documentation will need to be filed.

With a public adjuster from GPA working for you, your chance of having your theft and vandalism claim approved will be increased exponentially. It’s really that simple. We understand the jargon insurance companies use, and we understand the often-confusing legalities that appear in insurance policies just like the one you probably have. Our expertise, in other words, means a larger payment for you.

If you are looking for assistance with theft and vandalism damage claims, then Global Public Adjusters Inc is just a phone call away. Click here to find our contact information or to speak with a representative at GPA!