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Kitchen Damage

Kitchen Damage with Global Public Adjusters Inc

Water damage originating in kitchens is one of the costliest damages affecting homeowners today. With a multitude of plumbing components present in a kitchen, it is almost just a matter of time before an issue will arise affecting a home. We find that water travels in the path of least resistance. As a result, a kitchen leak may channel and travel into: dining rooms, living rooms, closets, bedrooms, hallways, and even bathrooms that may be “back to back” sharing the same wall. The effects of a residential kitchen leak water loss can leave homeowners and other property owners with the burden of facing extremely difficult and complex decisions. If you have suffered kitchen damage at your home and you are looking to deal with the insurance company in the quickest way possible, then Global Public Adjusters Inc can help. Let us deal with the insurance company on your behalf and get you the settlement you deserve.


A public adjuster from GPA can be a great tool for you in a time of need

Not properly identifying a kitchen leak may lead to other issues affecting plumbing systems and mold caused by humidity. Structural drying and restoration may create larger obstacles to the simple apparent cosmetic damage to finishes that an insurance company’s adjuster may just consider. Property owners are also faced with the delicate and emotional toll that damage to personal property such as food spoilage, cloths, furniture, electronics, and items of sentimental value can take on one whose house just got heavily water damaged.  Not being able to cook or being displaced from one’s home in many cases is the biggest loss to someone dealing with a kitchen leak damage claim. Navigating and understanding the process of a kitchen leak claim will be overwhelming, the assistance of an experienced and qualified public adjuster can prove to be essential to the policyholder.


Sources of kitchen leaks

Kitchen water damage can arise from many sources such as refrigerators, water filters, dishwashers, faucets, supply hoses & lines, P-traps, clogged drains, and a pipe inside a wall or underneath a floor. Identifying the source or cause of the water damage is not always simple and can mean that contacting a plumber is the next step to take. Unfortunately, water damage arising from a kitchen leak may not only stay contained to the boundaries of the kitchen itself. Many adjacent areas may become affected.


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Our experienced public adjusters at GPA will be working with you throughout the whole claims process to ensure that all aspects and issues related to your kitchen leak water damaged property are properly addressed to your insurance company. Apart from documenting your loss, Floridian International Adjusters may incorporate experts such as cabinetry experts, plumbing consultants, personal property inventory specialists, industrial hygienists, engineers, architects, accountants, and appraisers needed to properly adjust and prepare your complex claim. Our comprehensive repair and restoration report will address many issues that your insurance company’s adjuster may overlook or not have the expertise to properly identify and allow for payment of your claim.


We encourage you to consider GPA today if your kitchen has been damaged due to leaks. Click here to find our contact information or to speak with a representative from Global Public Adjusters Inc.