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Hail Damage Claims

Hail Damage Claims

Don’t be victimized in the adjustment and repair replacement process resulting from hail damage. It just makes good sense to have a public adjuster handle your hail damage claim to make sure you are properly compensated for your hail property loss. Filing a property insurance claim and successfully recovering your financial loss from hail damage can be quite challenging given the many insurance policy coverage issues that arise and the discretionary nature of the insurance adjusting process. Don’t depend on the insurance company to tell you what they want to pay you. At Global Public Adjusters Inc, we go to bat for you to get you the settlement that you deserve – and fast!


When to seek assistance with your hail damage claim

While anyone filing a hail damage claim can benefit from the help of a public adjuster, it’s imperative that you consult with a trusted and experienced adjuster if your insurance company has done any of the following:


How to identify hail damage to your roof

When roofs are damaged by hail, it isn’t always obvious, making hail claims difficult to quantify since roof systems may appear undisturbed. To the untrained eye, these impacts may be imperceptible, making it all too easy for your insurance company to deny or dismiss your hail damage claim. An experienced public adjuster at GPA knows that a thorough inspection can lead to loose granules that may compromise the integrity of the underlying roof system. The roof damage incurred from hailstorms may ultimately become obvious, but if too much time has passed since the original damage took place, it can be challenging to link your hail claim to the original storm. This is precisely why our public adjusters and property damage appraisers make use of the latest roof and weather technology to substantiate and document hail damage roof claims. If you suspect that your home or business may have hail damage, you owe it to yourself to get a professional second opinion.


Why choose Global Public Adjusters Inc?

Our public adjusters and property damage appraisers at GPA can find and substantiate hail damage that is difficult to spot and costly to repair, keeping you in control of your hail damage claim and expediting the process to win you a fast and fair settlement.

If you suspect you have hail damage, don’t let your insurance company downplay the situation. Get answers from a trusted and experienced public adjuster to help keep you in the driver’s seat.


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