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Commercial Claims

Commercial Claims When your commercial property settlement is crucial to reopening your business, it’s important to have an insurance expert working on your behalf. Commercial property claims are complicated, so insurance companies send out their most experienced adjusters to handle them. Seasoned adjusters know damage and coverage issues, and while their experience and knowledge should be a comfort to you as you rebuild your business, they can actually make the process more difficult. It is for this very reason that the professionals at Global Public Adjusters Inc take great pride in our work. Our team of adjusters lives and works in the same area as you! We protect our community and that means providing responsible and dependable resources to our fellow residents.   We can help you control the investigation When insurance adjusters investigate claims, they get the facts by asking a lot of questions. Some are designed strictly to reveal coverage or damage issues. If you are nervous or don’t understand what issues they are trying to uncover, you may give seemingly harmless answers that could ultimately jeopardize your claim. As you must cooperate with your insurance company, you can’t refuse to answer their questions, but a public adjuster can help. A public adjuster from GPA has the expertise to conduct an independent investigation, recognize issues ahead of time, and prepare you to deal with the insurance company investigation.   Need help handling coverage issues? No problem When you’re dealing with an experienced commercial insurance adjuster, you might not realize that a coverage issue exists until you receive a reservation of rights letter or declination of coverage. One of the important benefits of hiring a public adjuster from GPS is that we are your ally! We have the knowledge to recognize coverage issues as they develop and the expertise to work through them before they spin out of control.   We can help you settle your business interruption claim Business interruption insurance pays business income, extra expenses, and extended business income. These benefits may keep you from closing your doors permanently, but the claims are complicated. They present unique settlement problems as they are subject to an insurance adjuster’s opinions on essential guidelines: the length of time it would have taken to resume operations as quickly as possible, and business Income coverage pays continuing “normal” business expenses. A public adjuster can help you develop and submit the appropriate documentation, deal with adjuster opinions on what are “normal” expenses, and what “quickly as possible” means. A public adjuster from Global Public Adjusters Inc will also push for maximum dollar recovery. A public adjuster from GPA has got your back when you need to file a commercial property claim. Our professionals are patient, knowledgeable, thorough, and can keep the negotiations going in order to get you the largest settlement possible. Get your business back on its feet as soon as possible and as smooth as possible with Global Public Adjusters Inc!   Contact us today to learn more about how GPA can help you with your commercial property claims.