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Three Crucial Steps A Public Adjuster Can Take To Bring Success To Your Property Damage Claim

If you have recently suffered damages to your home or business due to a storm, fire, or another type of disaster, one thing that needs to be done quickly is to hire a public adjuster in Miami. While there are some benefits of going through your insurance carrier for your repairs, more times than not they will err on the side of caution and try to save their bottom line rather than fulfilling promises that were made when you signed up with them. You need someone who has extensive knowledge of building codes and regulations in Miami to stand by you during this time. A public adjuster can help get things cleared up, from what needs repairing to why certain changes need to be made, and even make suggestions on how to get things done in the most efficient way possible. At Global Public Adjusters Inc, we make it our mission to obtain the highest settlements for our clients. In this article, we share some information about three crucial steps that a public adjuster can take to bring success to your property damage claim.

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Schedule inspections to ensure the damages are being taken care of

In addition to your adjuster looking at what needs to be fixed, they will need to schedule inspections with local authorities including the Miami building department and fire marshal’s office so that it can be determined what exactly has been damaged and if there were any code violations that led to the damage. Some places you may want to avoid going back into until inspected by a professional include home where a gas leak was present or a kitchen due to the risk of electrocution from electrical appliances. A public adjuster’s job is to not only make suggestions on how to fix your property damage but also advise when it comes to safety.

Negotiate for the best price with contractors and suppliers

One thing that can make things difficult when hiring a contractor is knowing who to trust; many people are simply out for your money. Luckily, if you choose the right public adjuster in Miami they will have a list of reputable individuals they have worked with in the past and know their reputation as well as what kind of quality materials they use. In some cases, this step may be skipped if there is already a set agreement between you and an individual outside of the public adjuster’s knowledge, but it is something your public adjuster will be aware of.

Be present during the process of repairs to ensure everything is getting done right

One thing that sets apart a public adjuster from someone who isn’t with your insurance company is that they will be on-site, watching your work being completed by outside contractors. You may want to consider hiring a Miami public adjuster with experience in construction if this step proves difficult. While it might feel unnecessary, having an experienced public adjuster there makes sure things are being done correctly so that they can give you an accurate update on when certain parts of your property damage claim have been resolved. Hiring the right contractor is crucial, but so is making sure the contractor knows what needs to be done and how to do it.

If your public adjuster in Miami does these three things, then you can experience success with your property damage insurance claim. We encourage you to get in touch with our team at Global Public Adjusters Inc to learn more.

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