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What Questions Should You Ask Your Public Adjuster?

What Questions Should You Ask Your Public Adjuster?

Has your property suffered damages from the weather, broken pipes, fire, theft, and vandalism, or other unforeseen circumstances? Have you been battling with your insurance company to get the settlement that you deserve with your insurance claim? These are all signs that it could be time to call in the professionals at Global Public Adjusters Inc. Miami residents looking to hire a public adjuster to help them with their property insurance claim should get in touch with our team today! There are plenty of questions that you can ask your public adjuster when you are in the process of hiring one. In this article by GPA, we share some information about what questions Miami residents should ask their public adjusters. 

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Will you be the person directly dealing with my case?

This is an important question to ask your public adjuster for many reasons. You don’t want to be in talks with one agent just to be passed off to another agent. You want one dedicated agent to handle your case so that they have all of the information they need and are up to date with new circumstances that arise. The more people that touch your case, the more chances there will be for information to fall through the cracks. 

What is your experience with claims adjusting? 

You do not want to hire just anyone to handle your property damage insurance claim. This question is essential to ask your public adjuster because you want to make sure the person handling your case has adequate experience. If you hire someone who is inexperienced, you may run into more issues than you bargained for.  

Can you supply some references that I can look into?

A confident public adjuster will have no issue providing references to their prospective clients. This shows that they are confident in their work and experienced with getting the job done. As a client, you can look into those references if you choose. Doing this will allow you to get a better grasp of other people’s experience with the public adjuster you are about to hire. 

As a Miami resident, if you are looking to learn more about what questions you should ask your public adjuster, then we encourage you to get in touch with our team at Global Public Adjusters Inc today. 

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