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Why hire a public adjuster for sinkhole damage?

Why hire a public adjuster for sinkhole damage?

In Florida, sinkholes and sinkhole damage can occur. It is important to understand what your insurance coverages are when it comes to sinkholes. A good way to begin to understand your insurance policy when it comes to sinkholes is to hire a public adjuster to walk you through your policy and make recommendations for you. Sinkholes can be very dangerous and if they are big enough, they can actually swallow your entire home or property. At Global Public Adjusters Inc, we make it our mission to assist our clients with understanding how sinkhole insurance coverage works. In this article, we share some information about why you should hire a public adjuster for sinkhole damage. 

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Sinkholes and sinkhole damage can be discreet or severe

Sometimes sinkholes are revealed suddenly as they swallow sections of major roadways or even when buildings disappear. This makes for the great evening news, but it is very rare. The more common sinkhole damage is much more subtle. Sinkholes may appear as a slight depression in a lawn, a leaning tree, or a fence post. When they occur underneath or around a house or building they can cause cracking of the interior walls, ceilings, floor slabs, and tiles. Sinkholes will cause damage to building foundations, exterior walls, driveways, and even pools and pool decks. 

Florida is prone to sinkholes 

Most of Florida is prone to sinkhole development because it is underlain by limestone or dolomite, which is susceptible to dissolution by naturally flowing groundwater. Ever so slowly, this forms underground channels, voids, and cavities in the limestone or dolomite. Sinkholes form with the eventual collapse of the overlying soils down into the channels, voids, and cavities below.

We can assess the damages

When you hire a public adjuster for sinkhole damage, we can come out to your location to assess the situation. It is important to get a full picture of the scale of the damage so that you can present it to your insurance company. At Global Public Adjusters Inc, we have specialized equipment, but also the knowledge of how sinkholes can create hidden damage and future damage. 

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