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How Can Mold Damage My Home?

How Can Mold Damage My Home?

Most people know that household mold can be bad for your health, and it makes an unsightly and bad-smelling mess, but did you know it can cause serious damage to the home, as well? It can. Dealing promptly with a household mold problem not only prevents the problem from getting worse, and therefore more expensive to deal with, but it can literally save your home. At Global Public Adjusters Inc, we have state-of-the-art equipment that we use to help find mold hidden mold damage and the root cause of that damage. If you are battling with your insurance company about getting your settlement money due to home damage caused by mold, then we encourage you to seek our assistance at GPA! In this article, we share some information about how mold can damage your home. 

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Mold damage in your heating, A/C, and ventilation system 

You may expect to find mold in places like bathrooms, basements, and attics, but did you know mold can sometimes also be found in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems? It can, and mold in your HVAC system can be particularly damaging to your home, both because it is difficult to remove mold from inside ductwork and because mold inside a home’s air ducts can quickly spread to other areas of the home.  

Mold damage to household materials and structure 

Mold feeds on organic materials, such as wood, paper, many fabrics, and even some types of glue. It literally eats away at these materials, causing them to rot and fall apart. Mold can eat away at materials like wallpaper, drywall, carpet, wooden studs in walls, ceiling tiles, floorboards, and other structures inside the home. Left unchecked, mold can cause damage great enough to lead to the collapse of ceilings, caving in of floorboards, and falling down of walls.

Repairing mold damage in your home

The first thing you need to do when you are about to repair mold damage in your home is to make sure you have addressed and rectified the cause of the mold issue. Hopefully, at this point, our professional team at Global Public Adjusters Inc has come in and used our special equipment to look at your mold damage, locate hidden damage, and find the root cause. From there, we can take that evidence to your insurance company and negotiate on your behalf to get you the settlement you deserve. Once thi8s is achieved, you will be able to begin doing repairs to your mold-damaged home.

Mold can damage your home in a variety of ways, and it is also very unsafe to breathe. If you are looking for more information about how mold can damage your home, or about how you can get coverage for mold damage, we encourage you to get in touch with a Global Public Adjusters Inc representative. 

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