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How can I tell if my roof is leaking?

How can I tell if my roof is leaking?

Do you have water, water, everywhere? If so, you could have a leak, but where is it coming from? Some leaks are large, others are small, and all of them can wreak havoc on your walls, foundation, and the exterior of your home. Roof leaks can be caused by various situations, including weather and exterior roof damage. If you think you are experiencing a roof leak that is damaging your home, then you need to get to the bottom of the issue. At Global Public Adjusters Inc, we can help you pinpoint the exact cause of your roof and ceiling leaks in Orlando. Additionally, we can compile this evidence, present it to your insurance company, and negotiate on your behalf for the settlement that you deserve. In this article, we share some information about how you can tell if your roof is leaking so that you can avoid costly roof and ceiling leaks in your Orlando home. 

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Water stains on the ceiling or walls

If you notice brown coloured stains on your ceiling or on the walls, that could be a sign of a roof or ceiling leak in Orlando. Some stains are difficult to see as they occur in darker corners, while others are small stains that could be a sign of a much larger leak. If you notice discoloration on your ceiling or walls, take a closer look for mold, moisture, and other telltale signs of a leak. Your public adjuster from GPA will use special equipment and go up into your roof to assess the damage. They can also look behind the wall to check out the damage. 

Do you see moisture on the walls of drips? 

If you see moisture on your walls or drips running down your walls, this could indicate that your roof or ceiling is leaking in Orlando. There could be water pooling up in your attic and running down the walls of your home. This can cause extensive damage to your walls and roof, in addition to it being very dangerous for your electrical systems. Leaking water behind your walls or in your ceiling can cause a fire if it reaches live electrical outlets. 

Is your roof missing shingles and there is debris in your downspouts?

The weather in Orlando can be unpredictable with strong winds and rain rolling in at random times. This type of weather can cripple an older roof system and cause a roof or ceiling leak in your home. A roof that’s getting patchy is more prone to leaking over time, and even though you don’t see a leak inside your house, there could still be a slow leak into the attic or crawl space. When you see damage occurring on your roof, ask for an inspection so that you can learn more about the state of your roof and possible leaks. 

If you are battling your insurance company for your settlement for property damage caused by a roof or ceiling leak in Orlando, then Global Public Adjusters Inc wants to work with you. We have the necessary equipment and experience to find hidden damage that can be valuable evidence for your claim. 

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